Monday, April 11, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Shagging Extras!

Last Thursday Colleen and I both went to Jillian's in the Vista for Shag night for the second time. The first time we were a little stunned and didn't know what to expect AT ALL! This time, we felt like veterans and recognized a few people from class. We knew what to wore, knew the steps in the line dance called "the tush push", and even saw a few familiar faces of the older crowd! This was what I wore this time:

I'll actually be heading back on Thursday this time too because we have our official "debut" to the shag community of USC then! I'm looking forward to it but also a little nervous! Yikes!! Wish me luck!!



WhatMissLoves said...

Cute outfit! Have fun!

myfwbs said...

I love the denim jacket with that gorgeous dress!

katelyn w said...

So cute! Looks like fun : )
xo, kmw

WhatMissLoves said...

btw I'm having another WhatYOULove challenge centered on the readers! For more information: Click Here

Sundresses and Smiles said...

great outfit! that dress is pretty and i love jean jackets!