Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

1. To bff Aly for being the voice of reason on a Wal Mart shopping trip to help me paint a cooler!
2. To all my fellow Relay for Life-ers that made it from 7 until 7. #cureinthemorning #winning
3. To the sunburn I got on Saturday morning. You remind me of how crazy the weather is here but how refreshing it is to lay at the pool. Your redness hurts a little, but I can get over it.
4. To ABCFamily for running a Hairspray marathon. During said marathon I stated that I wanted to watch Grease because I hadn't seen it in a few months. Next commercial: Grease marathon! Grease 1 and 2 were both on right after hairspray! Ask and you shall receive! 
5. To bff Colleen for making Aly and I a delicious dinner that we all seriously needed after Relay. It was yummy, healthy, green, and fresh. Major props!
6. To Carolina Productions for making the most delicious Puppy Chow during Relay for Life.
7. To my wonderful tour group who put up with me during hours 25-27 of me being awake after Relay. They even laughed at my jokes. You all ruled.
8. To the state of South Carolina. Thank you for making me feel at home even though I'm 550 miles away.
9. To the dishwasher. I know this sounds funny, and I'm sure I take it for granted the majority of the time, but you make my life a HECKOFA lot easier on nights when I'm sleepy.
10. To all the people who say goodnight to me before I go to bed while we're in the midst of a texting conversation. I tend to fall asleep earlier than my texting counterparts (often) and I appreciate the well wishing for my slumber. Y'all are the best and you know how to make me smile right before I doze off.



Kimberly O. said...

Ahh Puppy Chow is the best. Hope you had a blast at Relay. I know all my sisters said it was a lot of fun!

Maddie said...

Yes Relay for Life! I just did that at my school!

katelyn w said...

I recorded hairspray and grease on saturday because i wasn't going to be home and then it was on again today!
ahh! love it!

Amanda said...

Dittos to number 2! I'm proud of you also girl!