Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekly Gratitude: 500

1. Thanks to my sister for making her prof pic a photo of us and saying get back soon to me. It means a lot gRe. I miss you a ton. You prolly have no idea.
2. Thanks to the boy who helped me with my shag final. I appreciate you putting up with me.
3. Thanks to Colleen for celebrating with me. It was extravagant, but we 150% fully deserved that celebration. I'm so thankful you took this class with me.
4. Thanks to Derek for always keeping an eye out for me in and out of shag class. Since I've known you from my freshman year first semester in college you've always been like an older brother making sure I was always ok. I appreciate everything you've done for me this semester in AND out of class again. You're going to do great things and I look forward to hearing about you in the future and telling all my friends I knew you in college.
5. Thanks to my old roommate for wanting to reconnect. I'm sorry that we fell out of contact and look forward to our very very long dinner/gab session that you can tell me ALL ABOUT your study abroad in ROME! Lucky biscuit!
6. Thanks to Easter for coming late. You reinforced fashion rules. Also thank you to everyone who followed the rules and didn't wear white pants or shoes yet. I wore BOTH on Monday. #winning
7. Thanks to Capstone for having the best cheese grits on campus. You make them stringy and delicious. I miss Miss Andrena like nobody's business.
8. Thanks to everyone who sent me notes saying that they liked my post about writing thank you's. It's a been thankful circle. And I like it.
9. Thanks to my mom for signing me up for college classes over the summer. She rules and I'm lucky to have such a baller mom. Y'all should be jealous.
10. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN AN LBP FAN FROM THE BEGINNING. TODAY IS MY 500TH POST. RAZ, Christine K., Kristen C., Harriet H., Grace R., Mom and Dad, Evalyse L., Katherine R., Caitlin S., Audrey M., Mary-Claire M., and a lot of my friends in high school. I think of y'all all the time when I have writers block thinking what RAZ's Journalism class would have told me to do. I couldn't have done this without any of your support almost 5 years ago! Woo!


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