Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

So, LBR (let's be real) I haven't quite gotten the hang of this Weekly Gratitude. Yes, it "happens" to be weekly, but it's never on the same day. I'm really gonna try harder to stay on the ball with this!

1. My FIRST thank you to the Theta Alpha chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma at Highpoint University! A good friend of mine tweeted at me saying, "@letsbepreppy a bunch of my sisters read your blog. Today they found out we're friends. Best looks on their faces #winning". It MADE MY DAY! Thanks Sigma ladies!!!
2. Thank you to all the awesome biddies who came out to our shag debut. It was more fun than I could have asked for!
3. On that same note, thank you to the PEDU (physical education code at USC) syllabus for being done after 2 more classes. My written shag final was last night...phew it's over!
4. Thank you to my cooler for getting done. Shoutouts to Sarah C., Aly E. (for keeping me sane), and Colleen R. for all your massive amounts of help, moral support, and endless picture messages that you let me send you when I would mess up right on the line.
5. Thank you to my beach weekend house for liking my cupcakes so much. It's about as close to an ego boost that I can get!
6. Thank you to all the wonderful tour guides that I work with. This is the SINGLE BUSIEST week of being a tour guide at USC. We have 121 tours going out this week (in a typical week, we have 15-19, 3/day of the week plus some weekend tours) which is almost 2900 visitors this week alone plus the hundreds of unscheduled walk-in visitors. #admissionswin 
7. Thank you to hopefully my new community college for me to take classes this summer! Please accept me!!
8. Thank you to our big, huge, end of year banquet tomorrow! I can't wait to go!! Everyone will be dressing up, looking fab, and shedding lots of tears.
9. Thank you to the collapsable boxes in my room. You will now be used to store my paints. I have a lot...
10. Thank you Edith, the sweetest lady in the lunchline, she'll always toss in something free in my lunches and I appreciate that.



Sweet Caroline said...

I thought those Tri Sigs looked familiar! Yay High Point!!!

Whitney Davis said...

Aww I'm a Sigma at UNC and this made me smile :)


Cori said...

Well, Miss Katie!!! We are so honored to be on such a fun and fabulous blog! Lots of our women follow you and appreciate how you make preppy fashion fun and approachable - and we LOVE that you gave Tri Sigma a shout out!

Have a wonderful Spring! (We can't wait to see the fruits of your shag lessons labor - so fun!)

Preppy love from Tri Sigma,
Cori Wallace
Dir. of Marketing
Sigma Sigma Sigma National Sorority

Caroline said...

Im visiting USC right now! Walked around a lot today and I love it! Beautiful campus and such nice people. I have a tour tomorrow so mabye I'll be lucky enough to have you as a guide! :)

Fash Boulevard said...

love this. another wonderful post love. makes me miss the south so much. don't forget to swing by to check out all the latest celebrity fashion news from an LA stylist.


Pink, Green, and Southern said...

Holy moly, you aren't kidding about campus being busy! I was in Cola on Monday and stopped in the Russell house to go to the bookstore while I was in town and there were people EVERYWHERE! I hope you have a great time on all of your tours!