Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tush Push Time!

I was thinking about school and shagging and Beach Weekend (Steph and Tori, I'm not sure if you read this, but remember?! Trying to teach the boys??) the other day and remembered a very fun dance that was slightly part of all 3! This dance, called "The Tush Push" is a line dance we learned at Jillian's! It was hard to track down EXACTLY the same one we learned, but 100% this is spot on!

These guys break it down so it's easy to learn (I even feel better about my skills)! It is such a fun dance to do and you can do it to modern/pop/country songs! I love that! Adding the Tush Push to my wedding playlist is a definite! It was a fun way to get everyone up and dancing and was easy to learn since you do everything in 4 counts! Anyone else know how to do the Tush Push? I am speaking for most of the girls in my class who learned how to do it (and at least for Molly, Colleen and I) and can say that we LOVE it!

Put on those dancin' shoes now! Grab a friend and pull a "Something Borrowed Push It" moment and learn the Tush Push in a few minutes!


P.S.: Happy June y'all!

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myfwbs said...

Love the photos. Thanks for sharing.

I used to teach line dancing, swing, and shag maybe 10 years ago at a country/western night club in North Carolina. The Tush Push was always a favorite!
Glad you are enjoying yourself!