Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Mix Version No. I'mNotReallySure

My summer music choices change every week. One week I'm really into rap, another week I'm into folk-y-rock, the next straight country-drinkin'-songs. That's why I make playlists so often! You should see all the lists in my iTunes, because, like Lilly, I love my jams too!

1. 501 by Sequoyah Prep School: This is South Carolina music at it's finest. These guys can rock some cool songs. I like this one because 501 is a highway throughout parts of South Carolina, North Carolina and even Virginia!
2. Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah: I love the beginning/intro of this song! Gets me pumped when I'm driving in Little to school!
3. Brass Bed by Josh Gracin: Throwback for this guy! I've always been a big fan of this. The very wise sCe also RT'd @katespadeny's tweet of "when creating the perfect playlist, juxtapose old stuff with new."
4. Redneck Yacht Club by Craig Morgan: July = Prime redneck yacht clubbing time. Amiright?
5. Push It by Salt-n-Pepa: Ever since I saw "Something Borrowed" I've been listening to this! I can't help it after how cute the dance was!!
6. To Think I Used to Love You by Uncle Kracker: The title says it all...
7. See You When I See You by Jason Aldean: This CD is great. I've downloaded a few full CD's recently and I have only been happy that I got 3 of them. This CD, "My Kinda Party" for those of you living under a rock, has done ridiculously well! ..."We'll laugh about the old days and catch up on the new, I'll see you when I see you and I hope it's some day real soon..."
8. Ain't Nothin' Bout You by Taylor Swift: This is a cover of the ex-Brooks and Dunn duo that she sang at their farewell concert. I just about like this one more than the original...hmm almost...I do like how the beginning starts out mellow and then starts to ROCK with the electric guitar.
9. Where the Girls At? by David Guetta  feat. Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj: SO stinkin' catchy! Aly, this might be my new "Who Dat Girl?"...muahahaha 
10. Felt Good on My Lips by Tim McGraw: This isn't exactly current but it's not really old yet either. I've had a resurgence of this on my iPod these days though and I'm really liking it...again!

While this may be one of my most random lists, it speaks a lot to where the summer is. On it's good days this summer is busy, hot, a little overworked with a bit of a messy room. On it's bad days it's downtown Annapolis with no power...for an unknown reason! Yikes! What are you listening to these days?



ShortBlonde said...

Thanks for sharing! My iPod is still in desperate need of new additions to my summer playlist.

Elizabeth said...

Great choices! Thanks for the post!

Emily said...

I love aint nothin bout you when taylor sings it more too! you should check out 'run' by her on youtube too - the cover of george straits song, its amazing!

Emily @

Anonymous said...

I do the exact same thing, bounce from genre to genre. I love country and rock, but I adore catchy hip hop songs too! xoxo