Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

I barely even remember this week. Flew by SO fast...I guess that's a good thing but maybe not for the summer!

1. I am thankful for my parents and how much they listen to me when I need venting time, advice or just to chat. They've been especially awesome recently.
2. I am thankful for Saturday night "New Country" on my local station. Any Annapolitans listen to 93.1? Shows how cool my summer is...blogging on Saturday nights
3. I am thankful (more like SO unbelievably, ridiculously, kiss-the-ground thankful) that my summer classes end this week! Thursday is my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL UNTIL I'M BACK AT USC! #4weeksofFreedom
4. I am thankful for a tall lady who came into the store on Sunday and mentioned CAbi clothing. Apparently the owner is rumored to be 6' tall! Tall girls gotta stick together! We gabbed about jeans, how we never hem stuff and how we're always dropping hems! She was so great. (Now all I have to do is find someone hosting a party!!)

5. I am thankful for my Jack Rogers. I just realized my Platinum pair toe part is ripping big time. Care of the above night, my Jacks were "flat-tire"-ed one night when we we all out. I had duct tape in my purse...yeah...and was able to repair them. I didn't realize though, was how stretched the toe became. If these little guys men make it through the summer I will be STUNNED. (Sorry to anyone who was sent this message--the original version--in picture message form from Sara's birthday...)
6. I am thankful for the BEST manicure I've ever had in my life that I got on Saturday. If anyone in Annapolis needs an acrylic manicure, go to Fiona at Bella Salon by the Annapolis Mall.
7. I am thankful for getting the power back in Annapolis. That was a mess!
8. I am thankful for all the quotes I find on Pinterest. The one at the top of the post is from Pinterest. It's chock-full of bit of wisdom put to wonderful typography. Very cool.
9. I am thankful for the couch in my room that serves as a wonderful place to store clothes. As my mom reads this she's going to cringe.
10. I am thankful for everything that's on it's way in the next few weeks. I think it'll be a lot more of the summer I had planned! I'm ready for freedom, ready for a break, and ready for Bethany Beach in a few days!!



Caroline said...

#1 made my day as I feel as though I have abandoned you recently! Can't wait until you get here!!!!
--your #1 Fan always

An Admiral's Perspective said...

Okay I am your #1 Fan not my houseguest who was apparently using my computer!!!!!!