Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Nothing says cool and classic like Ray Ban Wayfarers.

I got a pair of tortoise shell wayfarers for Christmas last year and have been wearing mine a lot more often these days. I feel like they have a dressier vibe than my usual sporty Costas do and seem to look a bit more put together. 
My lenses are a little darker than that first pair, and look more like these.

I just recently took a pair of Lilly croakies off of my Wayfarers so they would match more. The only downfall to owning Ray Ban Wayfarers is that they tend NOT to fit in standard short croakies. They will fit in suiters or Chums retainers because they're a little more flexible. I'm thinking about getting a black set of Chums or navy to have the most wearability.

What do you think of Wayfarers? Are they a staple in your wardrobe?

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P.S. Today is Top Shot Tuesday y'all! And I will NOT feel guilty since my finance test will be over! If you're reading this past 12:30pm, I will have finished--wish me luck!!!


Anna H said...

I'm asking for a pair for my birthday! I think they look so classic and go with everything. And I love the tortoiseshell!

My Life as A Plate said...

I have the tortoise wayfarers too and LOVE them, I ordered them online, and I wish they were a little more tortoisey, they sometimes just look black in certain light.

Kelly said...

wayfarers are the next sunglasses on my list! I really want a pair of the classic tortoise shell ones :D

Anonymous said...

They really are just so cool, I know they look fabulous on you. The Consort's are probably 35 years old, the old-school black. I hope to own a pair someday!

Sending you a smile,

Legally Brunette Kate said...

I have a pair of black wayfarers that I love! They're always chic and easily the most comfortable sunglasses I've ever owned. I love your tortoiseshell pair!


Anonymous said...

My mother & I both wear tortoise wayfarers so whenever I'm home it can get a little confusing as to which sunglasses belong to who! So we use Lilly croakies to differentiate our wayfarers. I wear my Ray Bans pretty much everyday, love them!