Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Year of Birthdays

You're probably asking yourself, "Well, isn't every year the year of the birthdays?" Well yes, but this year I'm a junior which means the birthday that everyone gets the most excited about in college: turning 21! I often get questions about what to get for your friends for their 21st birthdays! Here are some of my suggestions:

Customized shot glasses: I got these for three guy friends last year and they all loved them! They all got 2 glasses: 1 personalized with their monograms and 1 personalized with something funny between us!
A season of their favorite show or a DVD of their favorite movie! This is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser!

Monogrammed Wine Glasses from The Cooler Girl (a fabulous friend of mine!)
Food gift cards! I know gift cards have a bit of an impersonal stigma associated with them, but give them a book of coupons and say you're taking them to the specific place. Need a reason to take this certain someone on a date? ...Sounds like a perfect plan to me!

The Bubbly! This gives you a fun reason to toast (or roast!) your friends at their birthday bash!
Local concert tickets! A bunch of my friends have birthdays the week before THIS GUY comes to town. Too bad I don't give away ANY birthday surprises! I do expect to see y'all all there though!
I saw this concoction on Pinterest a few days ago and it sparked my idea for this post! Too funny! Seems like something a Grandma might do!

What did you give your friends for their 21st birthday? Anything fun? 



Portuguese Prepster said...

love the monogrammed wine glass idea!

Anonymous said...

Love these ideas! My favorite gift on my 21st was an empty wine bottle that my friends had collaged with tissue paper, painted "21" on, and turned into a flower vase. So sweet, I still keep it on my bedside table :)

Emily said...

I loved my 21st birthday it was so much fun!!! I even loved celebrating everyone else's 21st too! I usually got my friends their favorite wine/beer/liquor and either a cute glass or a cute tote or picture frame!

Julia said...

I just did a whole post on monogrammed gifts...I LOVE them! I usually end up giving them money though so they can get whatever they want


Emily said...

It's my "year of birthdays" as well (I've celebrated three 21st birthdays this past week alone!). Love the monogrammed wine glasses. Cute drinkware is definitely the best gift.

xoxo Emily