Thursday, September 8, 2011

Squeaky Clean

Pip-Squeaks are among my favorite school supplies!

They aren't your typical red, yellow, blue, green markers but they have awesome, fun, different colors instead! Also they're little. Which is always fun. 

I have color coded my entire MONTH calendar as well as color coding SOME of my planner. I find that writing everything in pen in my agenda works best and I am able to highlight the most important of important tasks: see the 4 "STUDY FINANCE" notes I have written down in preparation for a finance test I have next Tuesday. Delightful. 

Anyway, these fun Pipsqueak markers help keep me in line, organized AND colorful. Does it really get much better than that?

What do you use to say organized? Are you a color coder?



Portuguese Prepster said...

I love decorating with markers!

Tye said...

I have to color code everything in my planner or else it is completely useless! My favorite markers are the papermate flair felt markers!

Morgan McCord said...

I love pip squeaks! I got them in my Christmas stocking 4 years ago and I get a new pack once a year! The names are soo cute for the colors! Like chocolate chip for brown, small potatoes for tan, etc..

I don't write with them in my Lilly planner, I prefer to use the pack of 15 papermate flair pens..they are all different colors and are great for separating ideas! They are just kind of expensive for markers.

Rachel @ Just Peachy said...

I LOVE these markers! I also like buying the big pack of Crayola skinny markers that comes in like a 64 pack.. I get them for Christmas every year actually.. haha I'm a doodler!

For my agenda I use those Papermate colored felt tip pens. I love all the different colors!


Mckenzie said...

I need these! I find myself looking for markers at college from my roommates ha. Love the blog!