Saturday, December 17, 2011

Loggerhead Apparel!

I am so excited to introduce y'all to Loggerhead Apparel! Not only is this a fabulous product from the Palmetto state, but it's fun, serves a great cause, is made in the USA, AND is geared toward Gamecocks!

Sara sent me an AWESOME package full of Loggerhead swag as well as my own polo to don at any Gamecock event!

This is the Garnet and Black Loggerhead polo that I now proudly own! It will match great with any of my garnet skirts and just screams Gamecock. (There's even a line for Clemson fans, but is Clemson after all...just kidding Clemson fans! The orange and purple stuff is pretty fun!!)

Not only did I get a polo, but I have a rockin' koozie, set of croakies and enough stickers to give all my friends! (Everyone be on the lookout when I get back to school--totally being serious you can have as many as you want!)

Anyway, Loggerhead donates 10% of all sales to sea turtle and ocean wildlife conservation causes. Not only do I love that being from Maryland where we're all about Bay conservation, but I know sea turtle conservation is a major initiative in Charleston too! 

Once the bowl game gets a little closer, I'll be hosting a giveaway with Loggerhead Apparel too! Y'all will love it, I'm sure of it!!


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