Thursday, February 2, 2012


Ladies and gents, from many people asking to bring back #FabFeb, and what it really is, I'm officially announcing it's back for ROUND TWO! I'm going to repost the exact same thing from last year around this time to re-introduce it!

I know February isn't the really most loved month by folks. You're possibly in the middle of the semester, things start to get rocky, spring is right around the corner but somehow not here yet, you might be reminded of all the reasons to NOT be or TO be single,  New Years resolutions might just be starting to wear off, you might be pressured to have a special date with your sweetheart, you might (quite frankly but never in my case) get sick of the color pink, there are a multitude of reasons to not really like the month of February. BUT, in an effort to start my better attitude campaign, I'm trying to get #FabulousFebruary off the ground! Think of it, for you Twitter people, as an extended #FF (follow friday) full of positivity and encouragement! We're (or whoever wants to participate) will just use the #FabulousFriday tag whenever you come up with a pearl of wisdom, delightful tidbit or just something fun you want to share! If you're in, be sure to tweet at me so I know who to tell everyone else to lookout for! Leave a comment here or tweet @letsbepreppy today!

Welcome back to #FabFeb! I'm looking forward to this month!!


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Maria said...

Awh, I love this! Can't wait to see all the bits of lovelys