Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Next Roadtrip: Clemson, SC

While I will be bringing all the Gamecock pride that I can handle, I'm heading off to Cleeeeempson, SC this weekend! 
I'll be heading to the backwoods to go visit this wonderful Clemson Tiger (there are a few that I like...wouldjabelieveit?) for the weekend! Kate came to visit me for the Carolina/Clemson game (we all know how that turned out...) and we had a great time! We'll be a house divided, but I'm really looking forward to my next roadtrip! Y'all know how I love a good roadtrip and with that, roadtrip playlist! 

I've never been to Clemson, so I'm looking forward to it! I know I have some fabulous, preppy Tigers out there, so what are some of the must-do's while there? Any tips or suggestions?

I have a big ol' CLEMSON written in my planner, and I even added a little tiger paw right next to it--in orange too! Again, wouldjabelieveit?I do have to say, GO GAMECOCKS, but I'm pumped to be headed on my next trip!



Suze said...

Girl I went to Clemson live a lil over hour away! You'll love it! Hit up Tds, tiger town tavern and macs are a few of the classics if you ask me :) Email me !

Buckhead Belle said...

Have fun! I highly recommend Potbelly Deli for lunch. And also the Esso... Southern home cooking and its really fun to sit outside if its nice!

Have safe travels!

South Carolina Belle said...

Yes!! You must eat lunch at Potbelly Deli!! And TD's has a hangover from hell grilled cheese that is delish. Lots of fun little shops downtown too! Enjoy your visit, check our Razzberry Fizz and Tickled Orange! Go Tigers!

Amanda C. Bee said...

Love that pic!!!

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