Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Outfit of the Day: GO GAMECOCKS!

February 20

As I talk about a lot, I'm a tour guide at USC! I love it and it's my primary way I stay involved on campus. As a tour guide, rather University Ambassador, as we're called on campus, we recruit potential Gamecocks that are typically juniors and seniors in high school and their parents. We're gearing up for the busy season as the May 1st deadline approaches! Between now and May 1st the University hosts accepted students days, open houses and our usual campus tours that we give on a daily basis. In addition to all our tours, as University Ambassadors, we represent the University at Dance Marathon and Relay for Life as well.

I feel like the spring semester goes by SO fast between all these campus events and quick weekends. So far this semester, I've been to Clemson, Raleigh both of those events rapidly approaching. It's a very exciting semester and spring break is right around the corner--SO WEIRD! I can't believe how fast this semester has already been going! Next week I have to gear up because 1 day I have 3 tests--yikes! As I said yesterday to a friend of mine, ...here's to junior year?

Is that how you feel too? Are you ever overwhelmed by your classes? Does your spring or fall semester go by faster?



Emily said...

I think Spring semester goes so fast! And we are right in the middle of midterms so I'm definitely stressing. Love your gamecock outfit!

xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

Southern Charm said...

So overwhelmed! My course load is rediculous. And its moving so rapidly, only a few weeks till spring break & then we turn around and are out for summer. Crazy!

Portuguese Prepster said...

Spring semester is going by so quickly!

Ashley said...

The spring always goes by faster than fall! Just a little tidbit -- when I looked at USC (back in 2005/2006 -- but ended up at Virginia Tech), I toured twice over the course of a few months, and ended up having the same tour guide BOTH times!! I absolutely LOVED campus, and I honestly have to give so much credit to the guide! Y'all do amazing things!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

My sister is a senior at USC, and is so sad to be graduating in May! That's great you're a tour guide for the school!