Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Valentine's Day

February 13

I love my Elsa Pintucks that I got for Christmas! It's the PERFECT Valentine's Day top! ...too bad I wore it yesterday! I worked for a few hours and I wanted to have a fabulous pink Valentine's shirt on for my shift! It was perfect. It's been so chilly these past few days here at school that a silk shirt may not be the warmest option but it was still a good pink choice! I think for Valentine's I'm going to wear something like this:

December 18

I will, at the very least, be incorporating this dress into my look and maybe even adding my pink blazer HOWEVER, that could easily take it over the top! I've scheduled all my posts for this week since it's a crazy one (sorry in advance for all my economics tweets--we have a HUGE test Thursday--first of the semester!) so I'll be sure to update my Polyvore with the most up to date outfit choices!

Tonight I'm going to cheer on Miss Colleen (she just uploaded a BUNDLE of photos from my birthday and we just LOVED this one!) in a wonderful dating game show tonight! Isn't she so great for putting herself out there like that?! Here's to junior year... (#htjy). Anyway, those are our big Valentine's plans!

What are y'all doing for the big night? Have a great outfit? Let me know!! Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your Valentines!


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Portuguese Prepster said...

cute looks! Love the Elsa top. It's one of my faces.