Thursday, February 23, 2012

Posh & Panache

A few weeks ago, I was invited to Posh & Panache, one of the media events for Columbia Style Week! CSW is in it's inaugural year and is doing a great job to get the word out for the events happening June 5-9. We had a blast and it was at a beautiful boutique in Columbia's Vista district. 

There was an awesome fashion show!
The owner, Carissa, was happy to speak to everyone who came! We even got a minute to chat and we learned all about her business. She offers and AWESOME shopping experience if you want to attend after hours with a group of friends! As long as you spend a minimum amount (~$100) you all get 20% off! 

M2 Boutique is a lot like a store most of you will be familiar with--Francesca's Collection--but imagine it with all the top of the line pieces and a RIDICULOUS selection of designer jeans. Add that with a posh space and you've got M2.

Carissa started from her living room years ago and her fabulous friends encouraged her to get a storefront! She first went to Atlanta and then packed up and moved to Columbia and is really helping out our major lack of shopping in the city. 
I got to snap a photo with her and we had a great time!
I spent most of the night with Julia, a model and senior editor for our student magazine Garnet and Black, and Hallie, of Garnet and Blog! See her take on the night there too!


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