Monday, April 23, 2012


I used to not really understand the whole "Chaco" craze on campus. I thought they were very sporty, beach shoes, that weren't exactly my cup of tea. Until last summer...I got my own pair, the exact pair you see above and absolutely became a believer!

What's really cool now though, with Chacos, is the new MyChaco feature! You can design your own (kinda like the NikeID huge craze that happened when I was in like 7th-9th grade) and choose pretty much everything! Fooling around on the site last night, this was the design that I came up with:
There are 10 different steps that the program will walk you through and these were my different selections:
1. Webbing: Peppermint
2. Heel Leash: Sweetwater (don't you just love that name?)
3. Heel Riser: Black
4. Buckle Strap: Black
5. Buckle: Black
6. Stitching: Holly Berry
7. Footbed: Black
8. Sole: Black
9. Logo Badge: No Badge
10. Directions: None!

I like the MyChaco because I can make them pink! I've never seen a pink pair before, so I love the idea of customizable pink ones!!

Do you wear Chacos? Are they big on your campus? Have you ever designed your own?



suburban prep said...

Oh My I absolutely love my Chacos. I have three pairs of Chacos. I have two flip flops and one pair that are covered shoes. While I must admit the toe covered pair are really not the most attractive they are comfortable. The flip flops are cute enough (I guess). I love the arch support I get and the fact that my feet don't peter out after about 1/2 hour of walking in them.

Abi Jane said...

I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogging Award! Come check it out at:

~abi jane~

Maria said...

Ooh! I love these. I haven't really been in the whole craze, probably because I don't own a pair. But I've heard good things from pretty much everyone who does own a pair!

KRS said...

I didn't understand it until I got my own pair also! Probably the best decision I made this year, I totally have the same ones as you, girl!

HNN said...

I have three pair of chacos and I would not trade them for anything! I have double strap, single strap, and no toe strap and I love them all. I am a camp counselor and these are always a staple because of the durability.I am defintely a chaco head and always recommend them!

Becky said...

I don't know, I guess these shoes aren't very popular in Chicago because I've never heard of them before. I think I'll have to try them on myself--they don't look like the type of shoes I normally wear, but you never know!


Confessions of a Prep said...

I'll definitely try these sometime!

Kelsey Albrektson said...

My roommate just got a pair and I am jealous! I think theses need to be added to me "want" or possibly "need" list haha. Thanks for sharing!

haleywilson said...

Could you send me the link to this? I would love to design my own!

Royar said...

I already have a pair I love, but this feature is so awesome I might have to get another! I love the official LBP pair! XO