Tuesday, April 17, 2012

USCFW12: It's a Wrap!

I can't explain how much fun USC Fashion Week 2012 was! I hardly ever consider myself a "fashion blogger" in the traditional sense, but it was fun to network and meet a lot of Columbia's student fashionistas and fashionistos! I'm sure it was extremely stressful for the organizers (major props to Melissa K. and Mikelle S. as well as all the student designers themselves!) but I'd call it a huge success! There were so many moving parts that went into this week, I'm so excited to be considered a part of it!

The first night was the student designer competition! There are tons of photos online, but if you'd like to see all the collections in their entireties, check out The Fat and Skinny on Fashion's videos:

Student Designers:

Sponsor Showcase:

I wore a few different looks for all the week's events! 

The first night, Tuesday, I was lucky enough to be part of two student designers, James Matthew Teague and Jessica Argoe:

James Matthew Teague

Jessica Argoe 
It looks like I was a little tired, huh?! Jessica was being interviewed at this point--and my look was her featured design! Also, look at the fun decorations, they were whimsical and fun and I loved walking through it!

The second night, Thursday, we wore ensembles from local sponsors! I wore LaRoque and Bohemian, both local women's boutiques in Columbia.
This outfit was two pieces: a quintessentially LaRoque silk wrap top with a huge bow and long hostess skirt! (I'm trying to find some pictures without watermarks, but thanks to Cinhte Mag for snagging some photos!) Here's a better view of my awesome LaRoque skirt:
(via facebook)

By nature of the name, this store had fun, trendy pieces in it! I couldn't believe how much of a departure from my normal style this outfit was! That sweater was like full length and I had this crazy cool pink leather wrap watch!

What was especially fun was being able to share this week with one of my closest friends, Aly, who was also in the show! Here's a cool behind-the-scenes photo of her getting ready! (RMS, right Miss Aly?)

All in all, USC Fashion Week 2012 was an absolute blast to be a part of and I'm already looking forward to next year! The organizers will have big shoes to fill and I can't thank Fashion Board at USC enough for including me in everything!!



Anonymous said...

So fun! I used to help organize my college's fashion week and fashion show and just visited this past weekend as an alumni! It's amazing how talented student designers are!

Worthington said...

I love how your hair is up in the Bohemian look. I know it isn't necessarily your style but it is super flattering on you... maybe you could find a happy medium between your normal look and the Bohemian one, a la Lauren Conrad??