Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Get Nauti with The Cruisey!

Everyone knows I have a thing for koozies! That's no secret. But now a hands-friendly koozie? Um, yes, sign this girl up! See that pink one? YEP, that's MINE! These wonderful creations are brought to us by The Cruisey!

It all started out in Annapolis, so clearly I was going to like it already!
These koozies come equipped with an AWESOME lanyard, and mine is hot pink, see below:
When the creators sent me an email, this pick was their favorite too!

The Cruisey koozies are all over Annapolis!
Ella, a staple of Main Street in Annapolis, even gives her endorsement of The Cruisey! Clearly she's telling us, "Yachta, yachta, yachta!"

What's more Annapolis than a Nauti Crusiey COVERED IN OLD BAY?! Pretty much nothing. #TotalMarylandMove #MarylandProbs #AnnapolitanProblems

Anyway, you can find The Cruisey ALL over:
Website to place your own orders!

I'm about to place an order for at least one in every color!!

xxKatie (and The Cruisey team!!)


Christine said...

These are too great! I'm ordering one right NOW!

sSe said...

This is such a great idea! Seriously, why did nobody think of this before!

Sarah Long said...

How cute and functional are these?! Just bought 4 of them... no shame!