Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Do, New You

I have SUPER short hair now!!

This is the last tagged photo of me from my friend Jami's 21st birthday! This was a few days ago so my hair was at the longest and most recent pre-haircut:

I'm sure most of y'all saw my tweets about the haircut yesterday! I went to a great salon in Columbia called Ashley's Alley, and my stylist, Keri, was wonderful. She was recommended to me by a friend and did a great job. She was SO speedy too--I was washed, cut, and blow-dried all in less than 45 minutes. The location is moving, but if anyone in Columbia needs a new hair stylist, shoot me an email and I'll forward you her details!

You can also see a bit of my new house in the background--a very small bit! Our AMAZING pink couch! One of my roommates had a HOT PINK COUCH that's now happily residing in our living room!

I am so excited about my new hair and can't wait to really see how it feels once I'm the primary stylist!

Have you ever made a DRASTIC haircut? Did you like it or did you want your old hair back?!


Coastal Southern said...

I love your hair this length. It looks great!

Holly said...

Like I said before - love it! So cute for summer. Can't wait to see the house too!

SHF said...

Love your new look! PS: the Lilly dress you're wearing in your pre-haircut photo looks fantastic on you!


Meghan said...

It's so funny you think it's that short! I donate twice a year to Locks of Love. Grow it to my waist, cut it to my chin!

Super cute cut though! Very flattering!

Becky said...

Love your new haircut! And the pink couch, haha!

katmcd said...

I love the new look. It makes you look more mature.

Jennifer said...

Your hair is adorable in its new cut! My hair is as long as yours was pre-cut. It is getting way too hot to keep it this length!

sSe said...

Your new cut looks great! It seems like April showers bring May flowers and new haircuts!