Sunday, May 6, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Bows on Bows

May 2

So last week, I started my internship! I am so excited to be working in an awesome environment very conducive to getting meaningful work done!

Monday-Thursday is business casual, no suits or anything. Personally, I think "business casual" is the most difficult dress code to stick to. You don't want to stand out by dressing up TOO much (read: I wore a suit blazer and structured dress to my interview...oops! Better to overdress and overprepare!) or look sloppy by being underdressed! 

I think for girls especially, the "business casual" line is tough. I wore this knit Target dress for my first day and it was appropriate for the office. It's a great length, and was one of those dresses I was iffy about in the store, but looking back, I'm SO glad I bought it! I added that black ruffle cardigan, BCBG bow wedges (that actually gave me about 4 blisters per foot...yikes!), and my Kate Spade bow earrings that my sister gave me as a Christmas gift a few years ago! 

I was asked to start posting more OOTD's, so I'll try to post more of my internship outfits! Our Fridays are casual Fridays and everyone wears jeans. In the marketing and communications departments, where I work in between, the ladies all dress up the casual a little with fun tops and cardigans. It's the perfect blend of casual and professional for a workplace!

I'm PUMPED and can't wait to share more about my internship as I work more! Here's to getting my feet wet in the "real world"!!



Kathleen Lisson said...

Good luck on your internship. I am looking forward to seeing more of your outfits. These bows are great.

Maria said...

Good luck on your internship! I know you're going to do so well.

Marie said...

The outfit is adorable! Can't wait for more OOTDs!!

Helen said...

The outfit is really nice and I totally agree about the busyness casual part. Its always sooo difficult for me to decide what to wear when it says business casual.