Monday, May 7, 2012

New Tunes

Lots of new music has been dropping recently! I love it! Here are a few of my new favorite picks:
Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away" CD
Specifically I like "Good in Goodbye" but the whole CD kinda rocks. She's really got some GOOD pipes!

Lee Brice's "Hard 2 Love" CD
My favorite song on this CD is "That's When You Know It's Over" and since I've downloaded the entire CD, I've listened to it 13 times. In like less than 2 days!

Josh Abbott Band's "Small Town Family Dream"
I think JBA has a great sound, but I know there are a few that disagree. Maybe it's an acquired taste! The best in my book from this CD is called "My Texas" and features another fave of mine, Pat Green!

Josh Gracin's "Redemption" CD
I don't have this entire CD, but I have downloaded "Over You" and "Only When It Rains" and I like both! I still remember him as this babyface from American Idol:
Talk about a blast from the past!!!

What are you listening to as we transition to summer? It's when I really start to be about 90% country, 10% everything else! Country gets CRANKED up in Little, and we drive around, windows down with the country blaring...there's no other way!



SHF said...

I've been listening to country almost non-stop since school let out! Carrie's new album is amazing. I've also been listening to Norah Jones' new album "Little Broken Hearts" quite a bit!


Pearls Go With Everything said...

I have been playing "One Way Ticket" from Carrie Underwood's new CD repeatedly for the past week. The reggae beat to it is great for putting you in a summer mood. I featured that song as one of my Friday Favorites on my blog:

Brenna said...

The Carrie Underwood CD is great; i constantly listen to it! I love Thank God for Hometowns and Nobody Ever Told You :) I'm definitely going to listen to the others ASAP :)

Sarah Wyland said...

I've got pretty much all of these, ha! I highly recommend Kip Moore's Up All Night album - so very very good.

Kaitlyn Sykes said...

I've really been enjoying Lee Brice's and Kip Moore's new albums a LOT - they were released on April 24th!

Anonymous said...

Does lbp have an instagraam?