Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Summer Grind

My summer seems to have a decent pattern as of these last few weeks! My current summer essentials are:

Costa Del Mar Isabela: My absolute go-to pair of sunglasses
Lilly Pulitzer Agenda: I mistakenly thought that summer meant less plans. Nope!
Pinch: Our favorite place to hang out, Wednesdays are my fave!
CeraVe lotion: This is SAVING my skin from all my new acne medicine! I would recommend it if you have dry skin--it's TOTALLY worth every penny!
Wedges: What if I'm as tall as my dad? I've been all about the wedges and don't even care if they make me like 6'4''. That rules!
Pink Nail Polish: "Off the Shoulder" will be my next color! I bought it and I know I'm already going to like it. Wanna know how? When I got that pedicure, I got it in OTS! I tested the color out and it's a 100% match. Talk about a stylish subconscious! 

While it's a motley crew of summer staples, this is what I'm living off of these days! What are your summer must-haves?


P.S.: If anyone is heading to Columbia Style Week events tonight, I'd love to meet up--tonight is a meet and greet anyway! Snap a few photos for the facebook page ;) Send me an email (katie AT letsbepreppy DOT com) or tweet @letsbepreppy and let me know!!! I know some of my Columbia readers are in town and it's gonna be an awesome week of festivities!


Emily said...

Love the wedges, and I love that you own your height!

xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

eTm said...

Cute wedges and I love that Essie color!

Ashley said...

CeraVe lotion is the best! I have sworn by it for years....I don't think I'll ever use anything else.

Jamie said...

Oo, I may have to try that color! I got hooked on Zoya polish recently, but I'mm always open to new ones!

LOVE my Lilly agenda, and yes, Summer has been just as crazy as the rest of the year.

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I LOVE Cera Ve products. I have been using their AM moisturizing lotion for about a year now and I swear by it, it's amazing.