Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Gameday Does Workday

June 6

If y'all remember, I got this dress originally to wear as a Gameday dress. It's from Marshall's and is an AWESOME DRESS. I love it!

Now you get to play where's Waldo for a second, and if you can find me, you can actually see my wearing this dress! (Look in the top right 1/4-ish of the picture...) Marcus Lattimore was scoring a touchdown and this gem of a photo was actually in The State newspaper. (The things I did to try to get this online...getting photos from the paper are VERY hard to do!)

I'm wearing it to work today because it's such a versatile dress. It's really long for a dress (and that's saying a lot on me!) and is knit which is great for summer in South Carolina! I have a walk from my car to the building that's only a few hundred feet, but I've definitely worked up a sweat going to and fro! I'm excited to wear this dress to work, and even more excited that it can do double duty as a Gameday dress AS WELL AS a workday dress! Win-win if I ever heard one!!



Blue Dog Belle said...

Love it! Perfect for summertime at the office!

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect little black dress! It's classic, but the neckline detail makes it unique. Great taste :)

Alaina via PotentialPrep