Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Technology Tuesday

When I was in the Charlotte Airport, I Instagrammed this picture that garnered a HUGE response from everyone!

A lot of y'all thought I did it myself, and it's 1/2 DIY, 1/2 store-bought...kinda like that old Food Network show "Semi-Homemade". Anyway, I made the design myself, picked out the colors and used a monogram to add a little pizzaz to my computer so it wasn't as boring as everyone else's silver MacBooks all over campus.

This Jubilee print is one of my favorites that Lilly ever came out with so I knew it would be PERFECT for my computer. Plus it wasn't only two or three colors so I wouldn't get sick of seeing it all the time!

I used a website that is now unfortunately gone! I can't find them, maybe they have a new name or something! (I know a friend of mine had less success than I did so maybe it was shoddy to begin with, perhaps?) They let you upload a picture to their server and add in your details. I got mine in November of 2009 and it is still FULLY intact. There are a few Katie-instigated dings in it, but they're fully my fault. The sticker also comes completely off cleanly which is great too! At the time, I also had a matching one for my phone but that didn't survive the battery I put my phone through!

I took my computer from this:
To this:

If I can find that site, I will be sure to post it on my facebook page so y'all can make your own!

For now, just look up computer skins and see if you can find any services that let you upload your own image! Go from there and voila!

Happy Technology Tuesday!



Worthington said...

What a bummer! That is so cute and unique. I am sure it started lots of conversations in class/library while at school, too.

Becky said...

Love that cover! Let us know if you ever find out who made it :)

Lauren said...

Gelaskins not only has a wide variety of designs for covers, but you can upload your own image to make a custom phone, laptop, etc. cover. I had a leaf design on my iPhone for years, and when I finally peeled it off the back still looked brand new!

Hannah said...

Super cute idea!