Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last First Day of School!

I've gone to a few schools in my day. THIS IS SO WEIRD. 

It's my last first day of school!

So far, I have loved my three years here at the University of South Carolina! I feel like freshman orientation was days ago! I remember moving into my dorm like it was yesterday!
This couldn't have been THREE YEARS AGO!?

Time has absolutely flown by and if you had asked me if where I am is where I'd be when I was a freshman I would have laughed in your face and said "NO WAY!"

It's been an awesome six semesters, 100's of meal plan swipes, 38 football games, 35 classes (not limited to, but including anything and everything from Organic Chemistry to Intro to Shag), 5 parking tickets, endless group text messages, 11, 310 tweets, and more. I can't wait to see what SENIOR YEAR has in store!

"Here's a health Carolina, forever to thee..."



Summer Wind said...

Best of luck on your first day!!!! Live up your senior year because it goes by WAY too fast and you'll be a grownup before you know it ;) I can't believe it was an entire year ago that I was just in your shoes!!!

PostgradPrep said...

Take in all of the little moments. I am envious of everyone returning to school. It is gone in a blink of an eye and then you are a grownup like me!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your first day!!! I'm kinda jealous, I'd LOVE to have even just another semester in college so enjoy it!!! My advice is to make time to see your friends because sadly they are not always going to be just a 5 minute walk away!

Books, Beauty, and Bars on a Budget said...

I feel your pain! My last first day of school is on Monday and I don't know what I'm going to do with myself! College goes so fast, it's hard to take it all in! Best of luck in your senior year :)

Glitterista said...

Enjoy your senior year, and seize every new opportunity! :)