Wednesday, August 22, 2012

They're Here: Let's Be Preppy Cruiseys

They arrived yesterday!

I AM SO HAPPY! The front side features nautical flags of L-B-P for Let's Be Preppy and the back features the name and URL if anyone asks where you got it from! (...because they will!)

I want to make them available to everyone, so you can order them

They will be available, first come, first serve and will be shipped on the Friday of the week that they are ordered! I am so excited for y'all to see them and use them on your campuses and tailgates! 
My friends and I wore Cruiseys all night last night to the Dierks Bentley concert we attended! Left and right people were checking them out and wondering where they were from!!!!

Obviously, as you can see, there are pink Cruiseys and green Cruiseys and in the Etsy store, you'll find two listings: one for each color!

A HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to The Cruisey team for everything they did! Their product has been SO POPULAR that they're currently totally SOLD OUT! Check them out on Facebook for their updates!


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