Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Polish Change: Geranium


I think that has to be some kind of Katie record.

That never happens. I get too bored with a color or one itty bitty chuck of one nail flakes off and it's all downhill from there. (For me as soon as I see one big chip, it's like all of a sudden, all the polish has to come off. This is also usually in a place where nail polish remover is not readily available so I chunk it off...gross...)

This red-orangy-coraly color is EASILY in my top 5 colors to have in your arsenal. I'm a big Essie fan and y'all know that! I love to paint my nails and for whatever reason, I always am able to do my nails better when I use Geranium.

It is a great year-round color that I LOVE. It's even a shade of red that looks good with pink! That in itself is a feat!

Here's my new color, and I'm stickin' to it!



Sweet, Pink and Preppy said...

I just got the same color on Friday! Love it!

Blue Dog Belle said...

LOVE that color. Definitely going to pick it up ASAP.

happy tuesday love :)

xo, Emily

Sweet Southern Prep said...

I'm loving that red! I did a post about red Essie polish today, too!

Emily said...

That is one of my go-to colors as well! We seem to be one and the same in the nail polish department. I have been guilty of nasty nails throughout the day because one tiny bit chipped and I peeled the rest off! Oops!