Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crafternoon: Clemson Cooler

I love my South Carolina Gamecocks. I will start by saying that. I do, however, live with a roommate who has a boyfriend who is a Clemson Tiger! (I know, I know, what am I doing?!)
We'd been brainstorming for about a month on what to do for his birthday cooler. I have the final product and let me say, my roommate knocked this one out of the park!
This was the front of the cooler! The blurry part is just his last name and I didn't want to share that, but it looked SO cute in her adorable handwriting! I loved the front and how closely she stuck to the Clemson theme!
This was BY FAR my favorite side! I thought Miss Kathryn did a GREAT job and how FIERCE LOOKIN' is that tiger face? AMAZING. I would also like to note that she free handed that...
This was the back and was personalized to him! Aiken is his hometown, and there's a baby Clemson paw at Clemson and a heart for her at Columbia.
Her boyfriend loves the Avatar show and follows it closely and I loved how this side turned out! I like the primary colors and how unique it is for a cooler!
Kathryn's boyfriend is an engineering major and this side was a little homage to that! I thought this idea was BRILLIANT especially since I'd never seen anything like that before on a cooler. TOO cool! 

I thought that a lot of my Clemson readers would appreciate this post! Kathryn and I were so excited when it was finished and she couldn't WAIT to give it to him for his 21st birthday! It was such a fun, thoughtful 21st birthday gift AND appropriate. I don't know what guy wouldn't want a cooler this special for his birthday!


(P.S.: GO GAMECOCKS! ...y'all I had to...)


Blue Dog Belle said...

That's so cute. I'm a Georgia Fan, but both my parents are Clemson Alums and my little sister is about to start her freshman year there. But still, go SEC!

Casey said...

What is this tradion of painting coolers? What kind of paint do you use?

Brandi @ All Sass and Shag said...

looks amazing!!!!! :)