Saturday, September 1, 2012

"In the Still of the Night..."

"In the Still of the Night" is one of my favorite songs from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack AND the way that I traveled to Auburn, AL last night!

After work, I had the bright idea of going to Auburn since my sister said that it was a "ghost town" for the long weekend. I remember those weekends when no one was around as being among the most lonely, so I got in my car and drove the 5 hours to Auburn, Alabama! 

We have done all kinds of fun touristy things today!

Happy September y'all! Enjoy your long weekend!



Ashley said...

I remember those times -- and I did the same thing with my brother when he was a freshman at ECU and I was a senior. It definitely makes you feel so much better to know that someone cares! Yay for being such a great big sister!

A Preppy State of Mind said...

Y'all look so cute!! :)

-Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

South Carolina Sweetheart said...

hi! i love love love your blog! would you mind looking at mine and leaving a comment telling me what you think? thanks! much lover- Jessie @ SC Sweetheart

southernbellejm said...

i am SO sad i didn't get those old navy short this summer and now they're gone....
so cute:)