Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Hostess

As the holidays are fast-approaching, there's often times when you'll find yourself staying at a girlfriend's house, spending time couch-surfing at an aunt or uncle or perhaps even staying with your grandparents! Below are a list of great hostess gifts that will be perfect when you're staying with someone!

Is your hostess a wine-o? I love this Lilly Pulitzer wine tote. Add your hostess' favorite type of wine and you've got a festive gift she'll love!
Is your hostess a big foodie? Specialty olive oil is a great alternative to flowers or even wine. A brand new olive oil shop opened here in Columbia and it's too cute! It really opened my eyes to the thought of olive oil as a gift!
Is your hostess very overextended this holiday season? Treat her to a manicure or pedicure! Add in a bottle of your favorite nail polish to go with it for some inspiration. Make it a date and go with her too!
Unsure of where to even start for a hostess gift? A candle is always a great option! I've posted about Capri Blue Volcano candles in the past, and they're my favorite scent. These candles are sold all over and make an awesome treat!



Lauren said...

love the lilly wine holder! classy, great gift for someone during the holidays!


Kerri said...

I've been wanting to try one of the volcano candles for awhile... since I just burned through my favorite one, I might have to try it!

Clare Orsega said...

I freaking love Lilly Pulitzer!

Sarah Brooke said...

The Volcano candle is on sale for $20 at Anthropologie today!