Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quilted Coats

Quilted coats are a great staple for southern fall and winter. Clearly it's only STARTING to get cold here in SC, and my folks in Maryland have had a relatively mild winter as well. There's no need to break out my big North Face parka that has all kinds of contraptions that can zip into it to make it warmer. Instead I've been donning my trusty Lilly quilted coat from a few years ago that I snagged on sale:
I like to fold up the sleeves to a bracelet length so the floral underside is exposed! 

A girl walked into the store the other day with the CUTEST C. Wonder quilted coat:
It also comes in khaki, orange and green, but she looked so great in the navy! It was slightly tailored at the back and wasn't so bulky like some quilted coats can be.
I love the red color of this Barbour jacket! Barbour is an obvious choice for jackets, and this red one is too much fun. I love this for fall Gamedays too!

LL Bean is a tried and true preppy staple. Classic lines with a clean shape, Bean quality is unmatched. Unfortunately this one isn't available online, but I'd sure be hunting for this if there was an LLBean by me!

 This winter white quilted coat is the closest match I could find for my jacket--they both have belts and a diamond quilted pattern!

Do you have a go-to light jacket for before real winter strikes?



A Preppy State of Mind said...

I love light weight quilted jackets! Just like in SC, GA is just starting to get cold. I love my burberry quilted jacket! It's also light weight and perfect for GA winters :)


Anonymous said...

Love the LL Bean coat! I wish I lived in a climate where I could get away with just a light-weight quilted jacket though, my goodness! Chicago winters are the worst! :'(

Worthington said...

You look so cute! I love your ideas as well.

lJe said...

I love that Lilly print! I just purchased a quilted vest with that print on the inside from a local consignment shop. Too cute!

southernoracle said...

Real winter is already upon us here, with about 12" of snow and more on the way. I am a reformed jacket junkie. I used to have one for every occasion, but it got seriously out of control. My go-to for cool weather for the past couple of years has been a soft shell fleece from Lowe Alpine. It keeps the wind out well and isn't too bulky. It also has a nice silhouette for a "sporty" jacket. If I want to look a little nicer I wear my navy blazer from J. Crew.