Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Perfect Weather

Today was just about as nice a day as I can ask for! It was sunny and bright and so comfortable. If you stood in the sun you got warmed up and it was so nice! Unfortunately, it seemed to be just about the only warmth I could find though. The nights here get pretty chilly and they're not turning the heat on in my dorm until Thanksgiving break. I have a feeling its going to be a chilly 3 weeks inside the room! I've had to lint roll my jeans a couple times a day after wrapping up in my cozy fleece blanket as I sit in my room. Everyone I talk to who has had their heat turned on, tells me that I should be happy since the USC heat seems to be "wet". I can only imagine that the heat will be a little muggy for the first few days. I remember at home when we first get the heat started it really smells like something is burning, yuck! Anyway, I will be very happy if the weather continues to be this nice if our dorm heat isn't turned on! I wore this today since it was so nice out (I'm really starting to LOVE polyvore if you couldn't tell): 

If you all didn't notice in my curls photo, I do have highlighted hair and its beginning to grow out. I haven't colored it since I got to school, so I'm quite due for a color job. I'm a little nervous to try any hairstylists out down here just because I don't know anyone's reputations. The amazing girl I go to has a great rep in our hometown and we've told many people to go to her as many people told us to! My mom, sister and I all get our hair done by her and this will be the first time since I was 15 (literally from my 15th birthday) that I haven't gone to her to get my hair done. A friend of mine who came here from a rival school back home has done peoples' hair that I know and so I talked to her tonight and I'm gonna go to her! I figure I can try her "styling" out for all of about $10 and if it doesn't exactly work out, I can get it fixed at home for the regular price. I need some advice on home hair coloring if anyone has experience. I'm heading over to Target tomorrow with another friend to go on what we're calling a "Target date" and she's gonna go shopping with me! I'll probably pick up a kit or something tomorrow and have Jacey do my hair some weekday this week! I'll post before and after photos for sure!

Right now, I'm very guiltily watching Natalie Morales and Kate's interview from John and Kate Plus 8. She seems so sad. I do love Natalie Morales though, we're a Today Show family at home!

Hope everyone else is enjoying this fab weather!


PS. Gracie Beth, man the USC Gamecocks did not show up against your Vols! Congrats on the W!!


mFw said...

You're lucky you don't have heat. Our heat has been on for a couple weeks and its so hot. Everyone keeps their window open at all times. Before my window was open it was 77 degrees. I don't know anything about hair coloring - sorry!


Blair said...

Great post!

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

Good luck w/ the at-home hair color! Do you have a pretty professor who lives in town & can tell you where she gets her hair done?

Jen said...

I watched part of that interview too. :( so sad. i feel bad for those poor little babies!

Just a guess but you're hoping to lighten your hair right? I've got no experience there. SORRY! I've only dyed mine darker to try and cover up my natural ORANGE highlights...what a gift. Good luck finding something perfect for your blonde locks!

Share some before & after pics with us please!


***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

Cute outfit!!! So glad you had nice weather! :)

CRICKET said...

I always colored mine to cover grey and now I always use a professional. Good luck and have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

hey girl! Got something for you over at my place! Hope your having a great week! = )