Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hair Clips: From the 90's to Today

"Hair Clips" that phrase just screams middle school to me. I remember these:

being THE coolest thing to have. My cousin Samantha always had them when they were cool, naturally. She was always cool because she was from New York (Long Island) and always had the hip, trendy, new, cool stuff. She was just eternally cool (everyone knows someone like that, come on.)

This version was a pretty big deal too. Anyone remember? So 1996.

However, I wear hair clips a lot. (Maybe it's an homage to my childhood? I mean I am after all a product of the 90's.) I like to wear my hair out of my face 24/7. I've never done well with bangs or the infamous high school side bangs a la Laguna Beach/The Hills. I enjoy a nice headband and I like the half up-half down look (in my house that's called a Rachel...named after a little girl I went to preschool--or maybe even younger--who always wore her hair like that.) Back to my point though, I enjoy a nice barrette or jaw clip. I wear these guys a lot:

I have very thick hair so it's nice to have a secure way to pull it back. One of these lives on just about every strap of every tote bag I own...just in case. I use the next size up to pin up my wet hair. I learned that one from my mom. 

It's sort of an updated French Barrette from a 1,000,000 years ago. Did anyone ever go to a bow making party? Or get one of those ridiculous chain letters telling you to ship 10 barrettes to the last 500 people person who sent you the letter? (I feel so old...)

Well I found some adorable updates to the typical barrette that I love:

Adore. Completely.

So cute!

Love that bottom one!

Nautical = always fun! This is called the Anchor and Port style!

I don't think I could pull this off, but it's pretty cool looking for someone artsy!


Oh hey Scotty!

I really do love a good hair accessory! Hopefully I'm not the only one who still wears a clip!



College Prepster said...

Ummmm I definitely made my mom do these twisty things secured with a butterfly clip all over my head EVERY day before school for like a month. I thought I was SO cool!

meg said...

@College Prepster I did the same thing!

I'm loving the second set of barrettes you posted (the red, white, and blue ones).

Ashley said...

cute! where can i get the first ones?

Ashley Paige said...

oh. my. god. i saw those butterfly clips and my entire 8th grade and freshman year of high school just flashed through my memory. like college prepster said.. twisting the entire crown of your hair back? and securing with multi-colored butterfly clips? ultra cool... now? im just embarassed! hahaha, too, too funny. but i'm with you on the whole claw-clip thing.. use them ALL the time.. especially when out of the shower or pinning my hair up on a hot day! love 'em! The Scotty barrette? To die for! :)

Ashton said...

Totally love those clips back in the day. And I definitely use the clear clips now they are a lifesaver.

Carolina Pearl said...

Absolutely adorable barrettes!! Will definitely be checking these out. I too have very thick hair and a regular barrette does not allow me to pull my hair back. Do you mind sharing or emailing me with the links from the pink and green barrettes down? I would so appreciate the gesture.

Dana said...

The first ones are so cute!!

Anonymous said...