Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Glee Goes Billy Joel (Hopefully)

So in last week's preview (I'm beginning to think Tuesdays on my blog should be completely devoted to Glee and Glee alone...thoughts?) I couldn't wait for this Tuesday! There were so many good songs featured in just the 1 minute teaser! To recap: Kurt's dad was laying in a hospital bed...yikes! Tonight's episode is called Grilled Cheesus and I'm thinking it's one of those things where you see the face of someone religious or important (Jesus and Elvis have both been spotted in food...) in some kind of food option. (PLOTSPOILER AHEAD) The songs for tonight are Papa Can You Hear Me?, Losing My Religion, I Want to Hold Your Hand, One of Us, I Look to You, Only the Good Die Young (most excited for that one...Mom I know you are too!), Bridge Over Troubled Waters (my Dad will be excited for this one), and then anouther to be announced song by Mercedes. If you Gleeks out there haven't seen the ultimate Wikipedia list of Glee songs...check it out. I'm not guaranteeing all these songs will be included, but they're on the short list!

Can't wait! Go Gleeks!



Maple Leaf Twins said...

I love your Tuesday Glee posts! I can't wait to watch Glee tonight.


Pre-Med Prep said...

I vote yes! It'd be the best part of my week.