Friday, October 29, 2010

LBP and Taking Chances

Two big announcements in the life of this blog and I figured Friday would be as good a day as any to chat about them!!

A few weeks ago I contacted our student magazine named Garnet & Black regarding a tweet they posted about needing student bloggers. I wasn't sure if I qualified but I am a student as well as a blogger so I took a big chance (#1) and shot them an email to see if they might be interested. The editor politely responded and told me that I'd hear by the end of that week if they wanted to use LBP. I had a jam packed week and it kind of slipped my mind. Friday evening rolled around and I saw an email from a name I didn't recognize but a subject line that made me excited. I immediately called my parents to tell them the good news and make it my facebook status. 15 of my friends "liked" it and there were 7 comments. One was from my roommate bragging that her "roommate was famous" and all I could do was laugh.
I'm thrilled to be included in the magazine and I don't really know what to expect in the mag, but I can't wait to see. It comes out early in November, and I'll be sure to have a big celebratory post when it goes live!! Thanks Garnet & Black!

My second big chance was a few weeks back. One day I was sort of running around campus and popped through our student union. I saw an advertisement for a fashion show run by the USC Fashion Board and they were looking for models. I've never done anything like that AT ALL in my life, but I've been urged by family and friends to try it someday. I never thought much about it beyond saying thank you and politely saying that it wasn't for me, but that day my attitude was more like what-the-heck! I told my roommate Megan and friend Laura and that was it (until pretty much now) because I needed people to confide in. I had to walk down a makeshift catwalk while members of the Fashion Board took photos. I acted nice and normal while other girls acted like this was America's Next Top was crazy! They were dressed to the nine's, sucking their cheeks in, and I was just taking it all in. Long story short, I ended up making it (yayy!!) as a model and I'm in the middle of the process of fittings and things. I'll be sure to post photos from the whole night. I'll be hitting the stage/runway November 10th! Also as an added bonus Naima from ANTM will actually be there! So cool!!

Lots of fun news for LBP! Get excited!!



Annie said...

That is so awesome! You're famous! Can't wait to see the follow up pictures from these!

mFw said...

Congrats on everything!!!!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Holy fun news times two!! Congratulations!

Argyle and Alligators said...

Ooh, congratulations! Those are both exciting :) Your blog is so cute!