Saturday, October 30, 2010

Outfit of the Day: A Year in the Making

I know I've been blowing the blog up with OOTD posts, but I thought this was a funny coincidence. I looked back at my first polyvore set when I didn't really know what was going just happened to be right around this time last year! Funnier than that, the weather was CLEARLY very different.

October 16, 2009:

Notice I was wearing a quilted coat...I wouldn't dream of breaking this out yet. It was humid in fall yet again...sweaty Tervis Tumbler humid. GROSS. Instead of jeans and my Lilly quilted coat, I wore this on the 27th:

Obviously the weather was very different. It was hot, I was really much too hot in a long sleeve white tee shirt. I couldn't believe the difference. They're still calling for 70's through the weekend, so the whole fall thing in October...yeah kinda out the window...I'm still keeping my fingers crossed though.

Lucky for me though I guess is how I should be viewing it. I don't really own winter clothes, but instead wear summery things with sweaters. I'm BIG on polos/button downs and cable knits. I have 10 different colored RL button downs...excessive. Do they all get worn...easily. I stick with what I like and I treat it well so I don't have to worry too too much. I may invest in a new pair of jeans this season if Victoria's Secret puts them on a good sale and I get a good email coupon...we'll see about that though. I type this as I lay out my outfit for tomorrow...a shirtdress and Target Miss Trish of Capri flat seahorse sandals...craziness!! 


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