Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The SEC in Dresses

As we approach Bowl Season, I figured this would be perfect timing to look forward to next football season! Congrats to all the SEC teams that made it to Bowl games (AND Navy!)! It's probably the only time I'll be cheering for the other SEC teams! Here are my picks for "the SEC in dresses":
1. University of Florida

2. University of Georgia

3. University of Kentucky

4. University of South Carolina

5. University of Tennessee

6. Vanderbilt University

7. University of Alabama

8. University of Arkansas

9. Auburn University

10. Louisiana State University

11. Mississippi State University

12. Ole Miss
Click the school names for links to each of the dresses!! Kinda fun, right? Have a fabulous school-colored dress? I know I have about 10...and growing...



Rachel said...

I love all of these dresses! Where did you find them?

Buckhead Belle said...

Gameday dresses are my favorite!

Preppy 101 said...

What an awesome post!! Such a cute idea. XOXO

LC said...

This might be my favorite post ever. I love the Ole' Miss dress!

Holly said...

Cute! I think about half of my dresses are orange or navy!

Charleston Girl said...

Great post!! I might have to do an ACC one... :)

mFw said...

Such a precious idea!!!

Hannah said...

This is too cute!

Mary Ellen said...

Love this post...especially the Lilly UK dress...may have to get that for a game next year. I also love the Ole Miss dress, but the link didn't work. What brand is it?

Little Bow Prep said...

Terrific post :)