Thursday, April 7, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Carolina Cup! (+What Everyone Else Wore)

I finally put my outfit together from Carolina Cup! I'm dragging this South Carolina holiday out as long as I possibly can, if you couldn't tell!

I've gotten a few questions about where my dress was from, and it's Lilly from the Warehouse sale! Because of that, I didn't think anyone else would have it, but much to my surprise, I saw 2 other girls with the same dress! I was in shock!! The dress that I saw, I kid you not, probably 50 or 60 times, was the Lilly Blossom Dress Printed in Hotty Pink Small First Impression:
It. Was. Everywhere. You could easily look right, left, up, down, 360 degrees around and be in spitting distance of 4 girls at any given time wearing it. 
It's younger sister was not far behind. 

I'm definitely glad I wore a different dress that wasn't the #1 most popular. I stuck out a little and matched my hat and everything together. I actually made my hat believe it or not! The bow started out humbly as grosgrain ribbon and it used to have a old-ladyish cheetah sash around the top. I am very proud of my handiwork and it worked out very well! Once my BlackBerry comes back to useable life, I'll upload my hat photo!!

Happy Thursday y'all! I'm heading out shagging tonight and have been feeling inspired by "The Drifters" station on Pandora! Definitely be sure to try it out--and keep your eyes out on the LBP facebook page for the Top 100 Beach Music songs I found on google a few days ago!!



pittsburghprepster said...

I can see why so many girls love the dresses!

YOUR OUTFIT IS PERFECT! Love your Lilly dress!

Diane said...

Gorgeous ensemble. I love that you made the hat yourself!

thestylephile said...

Love your Lilly! And would love to hear any tips you have about getting the bow/ribbon to look right on a DIY hat... I've been messing around with one for an upcoming Kentucky Derby party and it looks a little... bootleg. No matter what I do. Ugh.

Whitney said...

Oh my goodness, I've been dragging it out on my blog as well! I just can't get enough.

I swore to myself that today would be the last day though!

Maybe Foxfield is next?? ;)

Emily said...

Love that you made the hat yourself! Whenever I've gone to Carolina Cup I've worn either 1) an older Lilly dress (more girls flock to the newest...and like you I don't like looking exactly alike!) or 2) a line that Lilly stores sell, like CK Bradley!

Kori said...

I would love to go to this! I'm hosting a blog hop tomorrow for the 2nd Fashion Friday! I'd love for you to link up with us! Let me know if you have questions. Have a great day honey! Kori xoox

paintedpreppy said...

These dresses are just precious, I would love to wear the first one!

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