Friday, April 8, 2011


If I may toot my own horn just a little, I must say I've been on my game as far as making playlists goes. This spring has provided me with a lot of good playlist-making fuel and I've been relying on a few new and a few old songs. I've discovered a few from my classes (read: shag, which I've now nicknamed swag), my friends and just randomly hearing some when my iPod is on shuffle. Here are my recent picks:

1. Turning Home by David Nail: I posted this on facebook a few days ago, but I've been ROCKING out to it recently. Last summer, this song was all about getting me back to SC, but these days it's all about me heading back to Annapolis.

2. Mississippi by the Benjy Davis Project: The chorus says it all for me: "Oh, It always puts
a smile on my face and it's the  first time I've been back here since the last time that I came and I think you're really pretty and that's all I'm gonna say. Did you miss me? Did you miss me, Mississippi? Would you kiss me if I stayed?"

3. Crazy Beautiful Life by Ke$ha: This is just a fun crusin' song. Download this one, pop the windows down, and blare it down the main road of campus. Or just put it on your iPod...

4. Love in a College Town by Luke Bryan: Man, this song is about my life. I LOVE it.

5. Someone to Watch Over Me by Ella Fitzgerald: Little secret: I have a running list of the songs I want played at my wedding, this is one of them. I just love it and it's so sweet. She has the best voice for singing it and it makes me happy.

6. Something to Lose by Corey Smith: This song isn't anything super new, but I just love the lyrics and the meaning behind the song. CS, you are so great and I love your songs.

7. Honey Bee by Blake Shelton: I posted this on facebook yesterday and just love it!!!

8. Buzz Back by Chase Rice: Thanks to fave girl sCe for showing me this! So so so cute! She has the best taste in music. I owe her for a lot of these songs quite frankly.

9. Electric by DNC: Any Jersey Shore fans out there? This is one of their featured house songs...yep. It is so great. Just check it out and give it a chance and I promise you'll secretly enjoy it!

10. Whiskey and You by Darius Rucker: I've posted about this one before but it's definitely making a comeback on my iPod. It's a good one I promise.

What are you listening to these days? I can ALWAYS use music suggestions!



Lindsey Leigh said...

Love BDP! They are from Mobile, Ala which is near where I am from. I lived in Mobile and everyone there loves them.

katelyn w said...

I love the Darius Rucker song! there are a lot of good songs out right now!

dee said...

Oh this is cool! there are so many bands and singers i don't know and i just love country, so i heard them all and i really enjoyed the Darius Rucker, Benjy Davis and Blake Shelton! now i'm just listening to their other songs :)

I must say for an european girl i have already listened to a lot!

Kimberly O. said...

What a good variety of songs. Can't wait to have a listen.