Friday, August 12, 2011

Carolina Keeps Callin' Me Home!

All I can think about is going to school on Sunday!

I'm starting to pack, say goodbyes, and make those last minute purchases for back to school! This song is a CONSTANT reminder of getting back to school and reuniting with all of my friends! I'm in the process of making visit plans for my friends who are at home to come see me and Momma and Daddyo will be back to see me about a month after classes start for the big Navy/USC game!!

It's just another song about missin' you
Like a phone call from my baby saying, "Honey I miss you like crazy"
Just like the sound of a siren's song
Oh Carolina ya keep calling' me home
Callin' me home!


PS: I'm off to get my hair cut today! Wish me luck!


ASouthernBelle said...

I love that song!! You do know it's about North Carolina, not South Carolina, though right? ;)

Carolina On My Mind said...

I love the excitement of packing, moving down to school, and settling in!

Kiley said...

Love this song and Eric Church!

Little Miss SEC said...

Ah I just moved in :) Travel safely!