Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

1. I am thankful today is Saturday because thanks to Rebecca Black, we know that Sunday comes after Saturday and I get to leave on SUNDAY!
2. I am thankful that my wonderful, loving parents took me back this summer. I feel like I was so busy I hardly got to take an extra breath, but they put up with me, school, a crazy work schedule and all kinds of girl drama.
3. I am thankful that my sister and I got to spend another summer together. Everything is SO completely different than it was just a year ago and I'm glad I get to spend some extra time with her because before we know it she'll be heading off to college!
4. I am thankful that all my friends are literally going to be within a spitting distance of me in a matter of hours. I plan on seeing everyone within my first week back. Mark. My. Words. Y'all. (Read: you'll get lots of hugs and maybe tears and lots of jumping!)
5. I am thankful for the close friends I have here at home. They have filled voids, made me laugh, helped me through crazy situations this summer, and most of all, listened to me and my craziness. All of it.
6. I am thankful today is my last day of work at the Pink Crab (but I will miss it tons!). I have had the best summer ever working this year, loading up hours! I will miss this place SO MUCH and I'm not sure what I'll do without the lovely ladies that I get to share a store with. I have the world's best boss, a great staff, and fun clothes to sell to cheery people. Oh yeah, and we have a sick view. Does it get better than that?
7. I am thankful for all the packing I've been doing. In the words of my smart Daddyo, "Katie, you can't pull an all nighter Saturday and expect to drive all day Sunday." He's a very smart man.
8. I am thankful for Amazon Prime. I've been looking up textbook prices and it's consistently saving me between 9-32% on every book. And giving me free shipping. But like I tweeted, big girl textbooks mean big girl prices. YIKES! (Thanks Dad!)
9. I am thankful to be going back to a school that I love. Bring me Gourmet Shop chicken salad, sweeeeeeet tea, Bojangles, Cocky, Publix, the VC and my UA family, sweltering heat, Williams-Brice, my little pink and green room, Wal Mart, 1704, Eric San Jose, football, Rosewood Drive, and YOUR CAROLINA GAMECOCKS!
10. I am thankful for Little, my car. It got a lot of work done this week that we weren't expecting and in the words of Jessie James "is lookin' fresh and brand new" for our drive back down South. (Dearest Little, sorry you have to get covered in disgusting bugs in North Carolina. I've never really understood that phenomenon, but it happens trip in and trip out.)


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Legally Brunette Kate said...

Have a safe trip back down to school!