Monday, March 5, 2012

Cup Dress Week: LBD's Dress

Some of my favorite hats this year are black and white and perfect for Cup! I love how big the brim of this one is and even tried it on one day at Pink Sorbet:
We really made this outfit over the top, but I LOVE how fabulous this hat is!!  

Anyway, when you have a black and white hat, it limits your dress options a little! I picked a few of my favorite Little Black Dresses to pair with a great hat like that one!
This length dress would be so classy and fun for Cup! You'd be able to wear this dress to so many different functions and it's so appropriate for tons of events!
Colorblocking is such a big trend these days! It would be easy to take a colorblock dress and add that wide brim hat to top it off! I'm sure everyone would LOVE that look! I'd pair that combo with black Jacks and you'd be good to go!
I can't do allll black dresses without adding an AMAZING white option in too! This white sheath would be gorgeous on a beautiful day out in Camden! You could easily take this dress from College Park to the Infields to all the hospitality tents, happily making the Cup rounds! The possibilities are endless with this dress and the hat!

Would you wear black or white to the Cup? I say it's TOTALLY doable!


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Glitterista said...

Love your outfit, and that BHWM ruffle wrap dress would be perfect for so many events. ;)