Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cup Dress Week: Maddie's Dress

...and by Maddie, I'm referring to Just Madras of course!!
Kimberly Dress

Just Madras has so many different madras options that give you SO many different hat/ribbon/shoes combo possibilities!

Mackenzie Dress

Plus, plaid options like the Mackenzie Dress gives your date a ton of different ways to match you! The way I'm envisioning it is: him in kelly green pants, a white button down and add a pink-and-green bowtie and YOU in the Mackenzie dress!

Ellie Dress

I love the versatility of all the Just Madras dresses! Also nice, if it's a really hot day, madras will keep you cool since it's so lightweight! Totally a plus!


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little miss southern love. said...

I have the last dress and I love it!