Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Growing Up

First it was going to high school.
Then, it was going to college.
Then, it was moving to your first apartment.
Now, moving to a house? (for the record, my house looks nothing like the Barbie Malibu Beach Club House...)

Yes, y'all, I'm moving to my own, real, free-standing house with two roommates. Let me tell you, moving is NOT easy! I have an entirely new appreciation for the hard work my parents have done for each of our big moves!

Logistically, packing is difficult--you have to be able to see where things need to go while thinking about how heavy boxes are, but still packing everything that you need safely and securely. THEN you get to the car part. Where Little, my Honda Civic, gets stuffed with clothes, bedding, shoes, furniture, and anything else that you can imagine accumulates in a college girl's room across the span of two years. I tweeted this picture yesterday of a bunch of the clothes in my car all stacked:
See all those nicely stacked hangers? Inevitably, moving becomes a kind of "Barrel of Monkeys" game where one hanger gets another one, and know where I'm headed. 

I made a few trips back and forth between houses yesterday and will finish packing, moving, and cleaning tomorrow through tomorrow night. 

Here's to the HOME (get it?!) stretch!



PostgradPrep said...

How exciting! I hope the rest of the move goes smoothly!

Maria said...

Oh good luck! I've moved quite a few times and every time it's been crazy!

Jessica said...

Congrats on your first house! No doubt it will be adorable!

Ariana said...

I love those dresses!

Ariana said...

I love those dresses!

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