Monday, August 27, 2012

Crafternoon: No-Crimp Elastics Day 2

Yesterday's post featured our DIY no-crimp hair elastics! TOO cute!

Today makes them even more special though! This is an AWESOME twist on these DIY hair ties so now you can make them more personal:

If you can personalize something, it makes it that much more fun!

When we were shopping in Michaels, the idea came to me right after I checked out. I made my friends wait a few more minutes so I could run back and get paints:
I used the cheap Michaels brand paints that look like this. They came in close to like 40 or 50 colors so you can REALLY personalize what they look like!
I made this one to add to my sister's care package!
This one was for my friend Jami--who actually has the same monogram as her sister! Isn't that the coolest?! What a great idea for hand-me-downs!
This was for Miss Colleen!
Now you can see what they look like once they're completed. The monogrammed hair elastics have longer tails on the ends, so be sure to keep enough room to add the monogram!
I am SO pleased with the way that these turned out! I used multiple colors for the cRa elastic since that one was mine--it was just as easy! I started with the BIG last name initial and then did the smaller first and middle initials. You can also just use your first letter initial too! That was the first one that I did to test the waters!

I am OBSESSED with the way that these turned out! I couldn't wait to share them with y'all! 

Happy crafting! If you make some of your own, be sure to post them on Instagram or Tweet them and tag @letsbepreppy on BOTH!



Emily said...

Love this! And you're right, it's soooo much less expensive than buying them and just as cute - if not cuter!

xx Emily @

higherthanthemountains said...

I did this tonight for my volleyball team. They look amazing and were so much fun making. Thank you so much for sharing!