Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Dry Season

I'm not referring to weather, but instead hair!

Does you hair get so dry in the winter? I usually really struggle with blow-drying my hair since my hair is so thick, and then it never really looks the way I'd hoped and it takes me 45 minutes just to get it dry.

I had a great hair dryer, it was one I got before I went to college and from Target, and it worked well, but it really lost a lot of it's kick compared to when I had originally purchased it. Recently, Misikko sent me a brand new hair dryer!
I have never used a hair dryer like this one! 

When I say it takes me 45 minutes to dry my hair, that's after it's been air drying for awhile. I would post a picture or video, but y'all would get bored it takes me so long. I also am NOT skilled with a round brush, so it's probably a little inefficient on my end, but this Misikko hair dryer has totally transformed the way I do my hair! It has cut it in half AT LEAST and makes getting ready so much better and faster.

My mom is the QUEEN of blow drying and always has the perfect technique and set of brushes. Even she signed off on this hair dryer! She wants to get one herself! I'm telling you, her blow dryer seal of approval is HUGE. I bought her one last year for Christmas that she never used because it wasn't powerful enough and she signed off on this one. 

I use this dryer on the highest heat setting with the fastest air and it is perfect. At the very end of my blow dry sesh, I blast the cool air for a little to cool my head off and help seal my hair--I read somewhere (where...hmm...not sure...?) that cool air is good at the end for your hair follicles. It takes me so much less time and is definitely a dryer worth checking out!



Kristin said...

That sounds like the hair dryer I NEED!! It takes forever for my hair to dry!

Christa said...

What hair dryer was it? Your photo is not showing up, and I'm hunting for a new dryer! My Chi is on its last legs.