Monday, September 10, 2012

An Ode to My Favorite Jeans

Since it seems that fall might be peeking around the corner with cooler temperatures, it's time to look forward to JEANS WEATHER! That is quite the good sign, y'all!

It is extremely difficult for me to find jeans. I actually really hate shopping for them. I used to be ALL about flare jeans. Then I went skinny--after being VERY apprehensive. I even dabbled in jeggings (which I still have and like...) I have found a very happy medium in straight leg jeans. 

I present, Ava:
These Citizens of Humanity Jeans are the best that you can buy! I have THREE pairs of them and I love, love, love them!
I have a very dark wash, just like the ones pictured above and I have two lighter washes. The darker wash is professional enough looking that I can actually wear it to my internship on Fridays when we have blue jean Fridays! I like to wear them going out since they're a little darker.

They have the perfect amount of stretch, too! 

The lighter wash, I love for class and work at the store! It's a little more casual and easy-going instead of the darker pair.

I cannot explain how much I love these jeans! I rarely wear any other kind of jeans anymore. They look good with flats, they look good with heels, AND you can tuck them into boots. What more do you need?

Is the "Ava" a cut you rely on? Do you have a favorite pair like me?



Blake K. said...

I'm obsessed with straight leg jeans! I really like the dark wash on these, too. They might have to be my next investment!


Emma said...

My favorites are my BDG almost-jeggings and my high-waisted J. Crew light wash jeans!

Love the blog, by the way. I am a new follower and am marveling in all the cool southern prep ways! thanks xxo Emma

Books, Beauty, and Bars on a Budget said...

My favorite brand of jeans would have to be Seven for all Mankinds. I'm 5'11" and not all jeans look good on someone as tall as me! Sevens always look good and the quality is exceptional. Definitely worth the price :)